Upcoming sessions(2008)

  • 12th. Feb.: CafeLitt First Photo awards and Second Birthday. A Party till midnight
  • 19th Feb.: From Margine to center by Amir Khadir
  • 26 Feb.: Global Financial crisis 2008. The end of an era?! by Ali Paknejad
  • Sunday 8th. March: BOOKCLUB, Disgrace By J.M.Coetzee


Cafe Lit. 32

Subject: Short Story

Presented by: Cafe Literature
Date: Thursday 23 August 2007

Very nice session!!!

We read to short stories:
1. "Kash esmam Aida bood" a short story by Maryam Yushi zadeh. This story was suggested by Mehdi. Then we had a nice discussion about the story and its form and content.

2. "Asheghiyat dar Pavaraghi" by Mahsa Moheb-Ali which was suggested by Alireza. The story has an unusual form which is interesting.

Cafe Lit. 31

Subject: The History of spectacle in Iran (Before Islam)
Date: Thursday 16 August 2007
Presented by: Ali Rahnama
The history of the spectacle (referenced to Bahram Beyzaei) in Iran were discussed.
The second part ( after Islam) postponed to next session.

Cafe Lit. 30

Subject: " criticism of thoughts : methods and sophistries ".
Presented by: Hesam Ghasemi
Date: 9 Aug. 2007
This is a synopsis of 21 lectures of Dr. Soroush.

Here is a useful link where you can download more information :
What is Science? What is philosophy?

Cafe Lit. 29

Gust3: Dr. Ata Hoodashtian
Subject : Modernity without west
Presented by: Dr. Hoodashtian
Date: 2 Aug. 2007

Dr. Hoodashtian, Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Paris, MA and DEA in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University, France.

Associate professor and director of the “Management Institute of Canada”, based in Montreal, Canada.

He has taught in France for a period of 10 years at Institutes, Grandes Ecoles and the University of Paris 8, and worked in Asia (Central Asia and China) for 3 years, as Assistant Professor and Director of the Research Center. He has collaborated with Yale University, European Universities, NGOs, and has been Chair of the Editorial Board of the “Central Asian Journal" for two years, published in collaboration with Yale University, and is a member of the CRISE, research center at the University of Paris 8 since 1997.

Cafe Lit. 28

Subject: Ahmad Shamlou
Presented by: Cafe Lit.
Date:26 Jul. 2007
Some of his great poems were read and discussed.

Cafe Lit. 27

We transfer this session to the speech of Dr. Ata Hoodashtian about "Modernity without West" in MEKIC (Maison d'Edition Ketabe Iran et Canada).

Cafe Lit. 26

Subject: Guest 2, Taraneh Javanbakht
Date:12 Jul. 2007
She has talked about his activity and have read some of her stories.

Cafe Lit. 25

Subject: Open Discussion; Duties of Literature
Presented by: Cafe literature.
Date: 2 Jul. 2007

Not much participants, but a nice discussion. What is Literature and what is the main duty of a writer? Why a writer write? etc. were the questions that we discussed about them.

Quality is more important than quantity!

Cafe Lit. 24

Subject: Fashion
Presented by: Hoda Motaghi
Date: 28 Jun. 2007
The history of Fashion were presented and the necessity and philosophies behind it were discussed.

Cafe Lit. 23

Subject: Pablo Neruda
Presented by: Mehdi Keshtkar
Date:21 Jun. 2007

Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, pennamed PABLO NERUDA was the noble winner for literature in 1971. In this session Neruda's biography was reviewed.
The Colombian novelist
novelist Gabriel García Márquez has called him "the greatest poet of the 20th century in any language"...

We read some of his poems. But the discussing point of our session was the weakness in translation from original language to destination language, specially when we face poems.

Cafe Lit. 22

Subject: Iran history of Cinema
Presented by: Khatereh Khodayi
Date:14 Jun. 2007

History of the cinema in Iran were studied according to the

book " Iranian cinema" by Hamid Reza Sadr

Cafe Lit. 21

Subject: Bet movies of the Cinema
Presented by: Forough Ensandoust
Date: 7 Jun 2007

Cafe Lit. 20

Subject: Logic
Presented by: Alireza Tajali
Date: 31 May 2007

The Logic, its basis and some of the famous theories were discussed.

Cafe Lit. 19

Subject: watching the Movie: "Blowup" by Michelangelo Antonioni
Presented by: Khatereh Khodayi
Date: 24 May 2007

The movie were watched and we discussed about it afterward

Cafe Lit. 18

Subject: Mohy-eddin Ibn Arabi
Presented by: Ali Shirazi
Date: 17 May 2007

Cafe Lit. 17

Subject: Sadegh Hedayat
Presented by: Pasha Javadi
Date: 10 May 2007
His biography were presented and some of his short stories (Tarikkhaneh, 3 ghatreh khoon, Caravan-e-Islam) were discussed.
His masterpiece "Boof-e-Koor" were analyzed too.

Cafe Lit. 16

Subject: Forough Farrokhzad
Presented by: Mehdi Keshtkar
Date: 3 May 2007

Forough's biography and poems and the role of Ebrahm Golestan in his life were discussed.

Cafe Lit. 15

Subject: Paulo Coelho
Presented by: Bahador Bakhtiari
Date: 26 Aprile 2007
His Biography were presented and we talked about his books


Cafe Lit. 14

Subject : Persian Modern Poetry
Presented by: Cafe Literature
Date: Thursday 19 April 2007
A very nice session!!!
We used to read poems by most famous after breif introduction on persian modern poetry. Some of poems are

Arghavan (Ebtehaj) read by Hesam

Seeb (Hamid Mosadegh) read by Mehdi

(Shamlou) read by Pasha

Some poems of Sohrab Sepehri was read and interperated by Khatereh Khodayi

Cafe Lit. 13

Subject: Open Discussion; Racism
Presented by: Cafe Lit.
Date: 12 April 2007

Cafe Lit. 12

Subject: Our first invited guest; Elahe Mashoof
Date:5 Apr. 2007

She is an active member of Quebec Solidaire party and "syndicat féministe" ,an alter-globalist, and fight for the social justice, peace and solidarity in the world.
Now, she is the Head of Iranian Women's Association in Montreal She talked about her feminism activity, Quebec Solidaire party
and Quebec political and social system

Cafe Lit. 11

Subject : Salvador Dali
Presented by: Hanieh Ziaei
Date: Thursday 29 March 2007
Dali's biography and some of his masterpieces and surrealism movement were presented and discussed.


Cafe Lit. 10

Subject : Gholamhossein Saedi
Presented by: Mehdi Keshtkar
Date: Thursday 22 March 2007

After a short review on Saedi's biography (tragedy), we continued with a chat about one of his short stories named Tars-O-Larz and finally we switched to the subject of "Death in youth in persian contemporary literature" which is the title of a speech given by Houshang Golshiri in 1356 (1977), in which he looks at Iranian contemporary novelists and points his finger to a bitter fact that, almost all of these novelists have died in youth ( Youth of their profession or their real life!!!)...

Here is a big question mark in the mind of Cafe Literature members that WHY?!!

A good review on Saedi's life and his works has been electronically published by Ghabil.com

Cafe Lit. 9

Subject : James Joyce
Presented by: Sepehr Ravati
Date: Thursday 15 March 2007


One by one they were all becoming shades. Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.

-- Dubliners, "The Dead"

Cafe Lit. 8

Subject : Rudaki
Presented by: Dr. Ali Shirazi
Date: Thursday 8 March 2007

بوي جوي موليان آيد همي
ياد يار مهربان آيد همي
ريگ آمو و درشتي هاي وي
زير پايم پرنيان آيد همي

Cafe Lit. 7

Subject : Arthur miller
Presented by: Banafsheh Eshkevari
Date: Thursday 1 March 2007

Arthur Miller biography was review. One of his masterpieces whic was Pulitzer Prize winner, Death of salesman, was the subject of our session.

Cafe Lit. 6

Subject: Minimalism (in Art and Literature)
Presented by : Khatereh Khodayi, Pasha Javadi
Date: Thursday 22 February 2007
The history of the movement of minimalism in
Literature, visual art, music and cinema were discussed.


Cafe Lit. 5

Subject: Jorge Luis Borges
Presented by: Alireza Tadjali
Date: 15 February 2007

Zakhme Shamshir


Cafe Lit. 4

Subject: Mahmoud Dolat Abadi
Presented by: Forough Ensandoust
Date: 8 February 2007
This session Dolat Abadi's biography was reviewed. We talked about one of his short stories named: Ayeneh

Cafe Lit. 3

Subject: Bertolt Brecht
Presented by : Sepehr Ravaty
Date: Thursday , 1 February 2007

Cafe Lit. 2

Subject: Anton Chekhov (His Biography and some masterpieces)
Presented by: Alireza Tadjalli
Date: 25 January 2007

Cafe Lit. 1

Subject: Sharghe Banafshe (A short story)
Author : Shahriar Mandanipour
Presented by: Mehdi Keshtkar
Date: Thursday 18th January 2007

Cafe Literature started its movement by presenting contemporary Iranian novelist Shahriar Mandanipour and one of his works with a different method of writing, named: Sharghe Banafsheh (East of Violet).

This is the start of a cultural work which just has began with lovers of culture with objective of sharing our knowledge in friendly gatherings.
We started with a story of love to say that we are lovers....